IJAZA Course

Learn Quran Online with Tajweed In Online Quran Classes with professional Male/Female Teachers also Learn the seven mutawatir Qira’at online with qualified tutors and high Sanad Sheikhs, A certification that is given to the students to learn and get certified by qualified tutors and high Sanad Sheikhs.

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Online Ijazah Course

It is referred linguistically to ‘permission’ and technically means to narrate through established chains of narrators. In other words, Ijazah is a certification that one has permission to teach and recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed by the chains of reciters that lead to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and to Allah (S.W.T).

In this program, learner of online Ijazah course will get a permission or Ijazah from an already certified Imam or scholar. This Ijazah can be in reading of the Quran with tajweed to the Sheikh or recitation by heart as well. The sheikh or a female teacher will listen the reading of the whole Quran from the learner with applied rules of Tajweed. Ijazah for memorization/ Hifz will be issued once the learner will recite the whole Quran by heart to the teacher. This is how to get Ijaza in Quran and Memorization.

In this course you will have:

A free trial session with Ijazah certified teacher to see your current level of recitatio
Recitation to the teacher according to your plan of the classes per week at least 2.5 hours weekly.
Upon successful completion of online Ijazah course, you will have an Ijazah certificate.
The Certificate will give you authority to teach others and issue an Ijazah as well.

Aayaati Pricing

We strive to help the seeker of knowledge (our students) to achieve the best through their journey with the Quran, asking Allah to make this path of knowledge a path to paradise (Jannah).
We have designed and implemented a comprehensive catalogue of courses that focus on providing intellectual and academic support for students who want to gain a better understanding of Islam.

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above 10hrs
/hour, booking your class hourly
/hour for any plan
quran (for kids & adults)
arabic (for kids & adults)
7 Qeraat
ijazah program
there is fee at the end of the course to recieve the certification
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