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Learn Quran Online with Tajweed In Online Quran Classes with professional Male/Female Teachers also Learn the seven mutawatir Qira’at online with qualified tutors and high Sanad Sheikhs, A certification that is given to the students to learn and get certified by qualified tutors and high Sanad Sheikhs.

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Aayaati Institute

The main aim of Aayaati Institute is to please Allah and His Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) by teaching Allah’s book and its language through its recitation, Memorization and understanding of the Holy Quran and Helping the students to achieve that easily.

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Our Goal

Our main goal is devoted to promote learning, reading, reciting and understanding of the holy Quran and spread the Light of the Qur’an among the Islamic world with the comfort of their home via Zoom.
Quran Course

The Process

These are your steps to subscribe to our institute

Choose your goal first

We have many plans to teach you the Quran and Tajweed, so you must first define your goal and prepare for the second step.

Fill in your details

Record your data in detail and correctly to communicate with the administration and set a special appointment for you.

follow us and enjoy

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Aayaati Courses

Choose your course and fill in the entry form by writing your details correctly.

Quran Course

Are you looking for a professional and an experienced Quran male/female teacher who can be professional exactly according to your needs and purpose?

Arabic Course

General knowledge of Arabic language is a basic tool to understand the meanings of the Holy Quran.

Ijazah Course

Ijazah is a certification that one has permission to teach and recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed by the chains of reciters that lead to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Allah (S.W.T).

Qira'at Online

Learn Seven Mutawatir Qira’at online with qualified teachers online from Egypt

Entrance to Tajweed

Noor Elbayian is one of the basic booklet to learn the basic Tajweed of the Holy Quran for children and adults.

Other Course


our FAQ

Here is the answer to many common questions that are frequently asked by our students and visitors

We provide services for the following; Quran (Tajweed, recitation, reading, memorization for Quran and basic Islamic Dua) with the help of our committed, experienced, and professional online home Quran tutors.We also provide an Arabic language course.

You have the ability to choose your schedule according to your availability (days and times).

Our curriculums are designed to suit a non-native Arabic speaker, and to be regularly advanced materials which is difficult to be found anywhere else.

We strive to provide a service in a high quality with the lowest price just to help the families to afford the costs on long terms.

The majority of our teachers are Al-Azhar University graduates who hold an Ijaza. They are Egyptians who are fluent in both Arabic and English, in addition we have available female teachers for all ages and levels as well.

The student’s progress is monitored through various procedures such as measuring attendance discipline, regular teacher training, student feedback, and regular examinations.

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Aayaati Pricing

We strive to help the seeker of knowledge (our students) to achieve the best through their journey with the Quran, asking Allah to make this path of knowledge a path to paradise (Jannah).
We have designed and implemented a comprehensive catalogue of courses that focus on providing intellectual and academic support for students who want to gain a better understanding of Islam.

  • Light
  • Basic
  • Intensive
  • Custom Intensive
  • Pay as you Go
  • Private
LightBasicIntensiveCustom IntensivePay as you GoPrivate
above 10hrs
/hour, booking your class hourly
/hour for any plan
quran (for kids & adults)
arabic (for kids & adults)
7 Qeraat
ijazah program
there is fee at the end of the course to recieve the certification
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